Rep. Israel Meets with Caregivers at Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation

Rep. Israel Meets with Caregivers at Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation

Congressman Steve Israel visited Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation in Port Washington on January 6 to speak to a group of caregivers and former caregivers about pressing issues for family members who care for Alzheimer’s sufferers. The group discussed the high costs of long-term care and the need to increase funding for supportive community-based services such as those provided by Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation. Congressman Israel told the group that Alzheimer's disease is one of his top priorities, and spoke about his current proposal for a state bond initiative to make New York a world leader in Alzheimer's research. He’s working with New York State Assemblymember Charles Lavine on this idea, a $30 billion, 20- to 30-year state bonding initiative similar to those that have made California the nation's center for stem-cell research and Texas a center for cancer research. Such a bonding initiative also would provide for more programs to support those dealing with the disease, and their caregivers. Grants to local nonprofits would provide support groups and day-care programs, and more training for those who work with patients.

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Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation is a Port Washington-based social service agency, founded in 1998, that provides coordinated, continuing care for individuals of any age with Alzheimer’s disease and related memory disorders, at every stage of the disease process, as well as direct and substantive help and support for their families as they cope with the demands of caregiving. For more information call (516) 767-6856.