Michael Zagare, MPT

Since 2011, Michael Zagare, MPT, from Distinctive Home Physical Therapy (DHPT) has been providing physical therapy services on-site at LIAF. Michael provides hands-on care to participants at LIAF on Monday and Friday mornings.

GO Physical Therapy and Wellness

Michael graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2006 with his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. Since that time, he has practiced in the area of geriatrics and orthopedics. Michael has always been interested in 'hands-on' manual therapy and has taken several advanced courses in techniques such as strain counter strain, primal reflex release and myofascial release. Michael prides himself in continuing his education in order to give the best possible physical therapy treatments to his patients.

FREE Fall Risk Assessment by DHPT

Physical Therapy

In order to promote physical wellness and increased safety of participants, Michael is offering FREE balance and fall risk screenings for all interested LIAF participants (and prospective participants). The screenings are offered at no charge and consist of a 15-minute assessment and balance testing by Michael, who will make recommendations based on that assessment, the participant’s medical history and medications being taken.

To set up a fall risk assessment, please call LIAF at (516)767-6856.

Please know that if it is determined during assessment that physical therapy is warranted, those services may be provided by Michael onsite at LIAF and reimbursed by Medicare Part B and most insurances.

NEW LIAF-DHPT Group Physical Therapy Exercise Program

DHPT and LIAF are also now offering a once a week group exercise and balance class conducted by Dorothy Santoro, licensed PTA, under the direction of Michael Zagare. This 45-minute class focuses on strength, balance, and maintaining/improving function. As part of the class, Michael will be working with each participant and providing individualized balance exercises geared toward their specific needs.

DAYS: Mondays
TIME: 2:30pm to 3:30pm
COST: $40 per month
RSVP: Please call LIAF at (516)767-6856 for more information or to enroll.

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